Welcome back to Dunedin Wines The Blues 2019. We have an outstanding line up and a fun packed day for our guest. November 9th 2019 Downtown Dunedin Florida. Event Opens at 12:00 PM and closes at 11:00 PM

We have some new information for everyone. Please note the following:

  • Street Vendors: You have a new category listing. ENDCAP booths are booths with 2 sides ( Front facing street, side facing) these booths are limited and once sold out they are sold out.

  • Extension cords must be covered at all times. Required cable of 100” if you have purchased power

  • Food Vendors you have the ability to purchase double and triple booth sizes.


What are Event Hours/ Date

Street Vendors
from 250.00
Booth Type:
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The Event is scheduled RAIN OR SHINE for November 9th 2019 Downtown Dunedin Florida. Event Load schedule is pending however normal vendor load in and setup between 8 AM and 11:00 AM. The Event opens the public at 12:00 PM and closes at 11:00 PM - No cars can be left within the event footprint or return before 11:00 PM

Is there an entry fee for attendees?

No! We are completely free and open to the public.

Do we need a tent?

Yes! We provide the booth space only. Vendors must provide everything else. Please note: Due to Fire Marshal regulations, ALL VENDOR TENTS MUST BE NFPA701 certified. Tents without this specific certification will not be allowed to participate within the show. You can purchase an NFPA701 certified canopy tent online

Is power available to vendors?

Yes, we do offer a limited amount of spaces with power at an addiitonal charge. You can however use your own generator. Need a generator you can buy one online.

Is there vendor parking downtown?

We do not have designated vendor parking. There are ample parking lots and parking garages within walking distance of the Fest. For vendors, especially those with large vehicles / trailers, we suggest parking in the big lot at the intersection of Millwaakee and Main.

How do we select vendors?

We do not accept applications at this time from MLM companies. We are accept vendors that are within the scope of the event we are producing.

What is load in procedure like?

Load in starts @ 8AM on the Saturday morning of Festival. Accepted vendors will have direct access to their respective booth space on Saturday morning to load in. All of the information will be posted on-line. We send out e-mails before your arrival. You will be required to check in before you can setup.

What is the money process?

Food Vendors 2019
from 185.00
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Vendor fees are non refundable. Once you submit application we will add you to our vendor list and start the communication process with you.

When should I apply as a vendor?

ASAP. The sooner you submit an application, the better your chances are of getting a space within event footprint

What is the cost of a vendor booth space?

Vendor booth space starts @ $185 for a regular 10X10ft. booth. This price includes vendor booth space for the entire event. We offer booth space only. Vendors are responsible for tenting and all additional elements within tent space.

What sort of vendor booth spaces do we offer?

We offer different types of booth configurations which can be selected at the time of ordering.

What type of insurance is required?

  • Each Occurrence $1,000,000

  • General Liability $1,000,000

  • Products – Complete Operations $1,000,000

  • Personal and Advertising Injury $1,000,000

  • Damage to Premises $300,000


    • 1920 Pinehurst Road

    • Dunedin, Florida 34698

    • * Must provide insurance upon check-in

    The DDMA/ AMG Group Music Events, LLC. also reserves the right to refuse any application. *Note if DDMA and or AMG Group Music Events, LLC rejects an application after payment a full refund will be processed within 24 hours of rejection.